Brief 2019 Reflections

Mandatory New Year’s reflections

This was my first full year post-college. For most of it I had my first full-time job, I’ve also been truly unemployed and trying to find more work with debt payment for the first time for the last four months. I’ve also branched out with my writing and had my first round of real publications as a writer. Things I did or contributed to (personal blog posts excluded) included:

Plus I became Associate Editor at Former People, producing a number of transcripts, and I’ve got an essay and another set of poems expected to come out in January. I also have been playing music with a band and have some involvement with other projects that are in development. I even snuck in a tiny bit of activism at the end of the year.

Overall it’s been a year with a lot of exciting personal developments, even if the anxious shadow of money and employment is still looming. Fingers crossed 2020 will be a year with further development, and I hope it will be a year where I’ll be able to contribute more to further projects and collaborations.

Wishing everyone the best in the future!

– PH

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