My name is Patrick Higgins, I have a BA in Media Studies from Vassar College and I have come here to record my thoughts for the rest of the Universe to peruse, consume, critique, destroy, and reconstitute as it sees fit.

I have a strong interest in the development of digital media, especially its relationship to the more traditional, analog media that it often develops alongside of. I have independently published several books and have worked as a Research Assistant on films and books and was an intern for Monte Cook Games.

I have been a guest on the Sectarian Review podcast, which can be found here

I also post reviews of movies, books, and music that leave an impression on me. I also catalog the progress of my projects such as games, publications, and artwork in the Creations Page and the Design Journal.

Occasionally I send out cryptic messages via the disappointingly non-avian social platform Twitter.

I often share my visual creations on Instagram.

Poetry I write is available in collections published via Lulu Books.

A more lengthy thesis regarding this blog’s purpose can be found here.


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