Thoughts Out to Jean-Luc Nancy

It is a shame to hear of Jean-Luc Nancy's passing. I cannot claim to be deeply familiar with his work, but I often enjoyed reading the occasional interview or article by him. What's more, as someone who had an earlier interest in Blanchot and Bataille, I naturally had an interest in the discussions on the … Continue reading Thoughts Out to Jean-Luc Nancy

Reading “A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism”

I’ve been excitedly awaiting Jairus Banaji’s A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism for some time. His book Theory as History is one of the most interesting works of Marxist scholarship concerning modes of production, divisions of labour, and agrarian studies to date. I find his work particularly interesting because he stresses both the importance of … Continue reading Reading “A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism”

Henri Lefebvre’s “Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche”

It seems common practice nowadays to fit Marx into one kind of triad or another. Marx-Lenin-Mao, for instance. Or Marx-Freud-Nietzsche - Ricoeur’s three “masters of suspicion.” Henri Lefebvre, eclectic and imaginative as ever, gives us his own triad of Continental giants in his aptly titled, newly translated, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche (or, The Realm of Shadows). … Continue reading Henri Lefebvre’s “Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche”

Radical Thoughts Podcast 5: Liberalism and Democracy

On the latest episode of Radical Thoughts we discuss the book Liberalism and Democracy by the Italian politician and legal theorist Norberto Bobbio. We talk about the history of Liberalism, the relationship of the individual to the State, and how radicals should conceive of democracy. Listen to the full episode on buzzsprout or subscribe on … Continue reading Radical Thoughts Podcast 5: Liberalism and Democracy