A Time of Smoldering Wicks – A Poem

The weight of the ocean floor Pulls at your bones. Bees singIn your ear canal. We now liveIn a time of smoldering wicks.Things, undefined, come to A close. The threshold is neverCrossed; they sink away, andLife becomes a gradient. A letter is pressed to paper Again, again, it is grown pale.Even in type, things turn … Continue reading A Time of Smoldering Wicks – A Poem


Critique of Swarm – Part 4

IV - DEMEDIATIZATION “Because of the demediatization of communication, journalists - elite ‘opinion makers,’indeed, the erstwhile priests of opinion - now seem increasingly anachronistic and superflous. The digital medium is in the course of abolishing an end to the era of representation. Instead, everyone wants to be present personally and directly - to present his … Continue reading Critique of Swarm – Part 4