New Book Out

Sometimes I write poetry, and after awhile the sum of those “sometimes-s” has amounted to a sizeable collection of words that are sitting around not doing much. I’ve dusted off some of my older writings, as well as added some new additions and a few drawings, and bound them into one of the wordloafs that we call “books.” Inside is some 60 poems, accompanied by a handful of sketches from my notebooks. The poems have been gathered from across many years, some going back to my time in High School, but I felt it was worth including this juvenilia. The poems in this work don’t fall into any theme other than the exploration of myself. Some of the earlier work may not be as polished, but in its roughness it holds the essence of growth – just as I hope that my experience on making this work will allow me to grow and improve my future endeavors.

Fleshpot & Honeysuckle can be purchased for $9.00 on Lulu.

This work can also be accessed via the creations page.


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