Rabelais – A Poem

*** Leap across this frothing world Where dirt is the foundation of all things    And roots grow through all things    And wine should heal all things    And laughter pierce all things We are listing, like ships or almanacs Cups overflow, spilling a human reflection                                 Speckled with lightbulbs Where our own sight … Continue reading Rabelais – A Poem

In Some Thing Called Western Civilization – A Poem

Twenty-four years come midnight. Reflecting on some forty that left the day before, across the world. God knows, One would hope. Vapid, televised, white paint running. It once mattered to, with a drop of sadness, believe in nothing. What nostalgia for weeping in these times of concrete slabs that crush us bearing selfish, despairing grins. Engraved manifestos. … Continue reading In Some Thing Called Western Civilization – A Poem