The Most Alien (Excerpt from a longer work)

I've recently been planning a longer series of related posts that have required a comprehensive bit of reading, and have therefore delayed my (already quite irregular) schedule for posting. I wanted to make sure I produced something, so here is an introductory piece that I wrote in connection to a novella-in-progress. *** “The Most Alien: … Continue reading The Most Alien (Excerpt from a longer work)

Manifestophilis: Experience, Survival, Violence

PH: You seem very concerned with the vagabond’s experience. The temptations of wandering, of homelessness, of the sins of, for lack of a better term, the lower class, or the classless.   The Devil: Of course. That’s what I am: homeless. Cast out. The whole prodigal son story was made because Daddy wanted me to say ‘I’m sorry,’ … Continue reading Manifestophilis: Experience, Survival, Violence