Manifestophilis: Ritual, Medium, Turnings

Patrick Higgins: Moving to the topic of ritual and summoning, I’m curious what you have to say about such a topic from the perspective of the one summoned, rather than from the view of the summoner. Mephistopheles: Naturally, mine is an underrepresented voice. This is really an overlooked topic in general. Consider that “Summon” comes from the … Continue reading Manifestophilis: Ritual, Medium, Turnings

Manifestophilis: Experience, Survival, Violence

PH: You seem very concerned with the vagabond’s experience. The temptations of wandering, of homelessness, of the sins of, for lack of a better term, the lower class, or the classless.   The Devil: Of course. That’s what I am: homeless. Cast out. The whole prodigal son story was made because Daddy wanted me to say ‘I’m sorry,’ … Continue reading Manifestophilis: Experience, Survival, Violence

Manifestophilis (Interviews With The Devil): Myths, Gods, Magic

Patrick Higgins: You’re very well read.  The Devil: Well, when so much of the literary canon is about you it can be very useful to keep your finger on the pulse. Find out when you need to shake things up. Keep the heart beating. PH: Would you say you’re the most prominent character in the history … Continue reading Manifestophilis (Interviews With The Devil): Myths, Gods, Magic