New Essay in Red Wedge

The excellent Red Wedge Magazine has just dropped their latest digital issue Partially Automated Dystopias + Utopias. I had the pleasure of having my essay “Portions of the Day: Screen-Time and Time Discipline” featured alongside many other great essays, poems, and stories.

All the pieces are worth looking at. Some of my favorites so far while reading have been “Stafford Beer: Eudemony, Viability and Autonomy”, “Naked Souls: Imposition and “Nudity” in the Internet Age“, and “Memorandum for HM Government FAO cabinet meeting re Commodity Fetish Outbreak.”

The splash art that Red Wedge chose to feature with my article is also by my friend Adam Ray Adkins (Dirt Son of Earth) and I recommend everyone check out their art where they have the chance. A great deal of their paintings, collages, and video art can be found on Instagram and Youtube. There is also a collaboration video we did where you can hear my voice over their artwork.

Thanks again to the Red Wedge team for accepting my work. If you aren’t already familiar with Red Wedge they are worth following.


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