Radical Thoughts Premier Episode: Culture & Materialism

Things have been getting busy for me recently. On the one hand that includes the drudgery of making money, on the other hand it’s also because I’ve been working on several creative projects. One of those projects just dropped its first little bit of content: the premier episode of the Radical Thoughts Podcast.

Radical Thoughts is an attempt to read through all of the Verso Books Radical Thinkers Bookshelf as possible. Or if not all of it, at least a lot of it; we may decide to start skipping the occasional volume after three different Baudrillard books. For our first episode we covered Culture and Materialism by Raymond Williams. Next month’s episode will be on Terry Eagleton’s The Function of Criticism.

If you like this episode and would like to hear more, please consider following us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or any other podcatcher you may prefer, and drop us a review! We’ve already received over a hundred listens in the first few days since we started and we appreciate those who take the time to listen and engage with this new project.


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