Rabelais – A Poem


Leap across this frothing world
Where dirt is the foundation of all things
   And roots grow through all things
   And wine should heal all things
   And laughter pierce all things

We are listing, like ships or almanacs
Cups overflow, spilling a human reflection
                                Speckled with lightbulbs
Where our own sight of ourselves revels

      In the absurdity of our lumpen bodies, cracked grins
           Slinking footsteps, flatulent expulsions
                                                                      Wandering bloat

     In the way our teeth are meant to be discarded
     Our heads too stuffed
           With mucous and earwax, with tongues
           With songs that jump the brim of our throats
           With sneezes, and stories that erupt
           With nerves that pulse

In the way we speak with ravenous languages
       Oddities of shaking air find their way
            Into hands, ears, hammers, anvils, bells

No serpent nor giant need hide
Beneath the corners of our furling planet
     They have been inscribed with utmost care
     Into fingertips and our lips
     Written with sacrament and excrement
     They rest empty in dirty palms
Grace be this transgression, and nothing seems normal


3 thoughts on “Rabelais – A Poem

  1. I like how you played with line breaks and white space in this poem; they really bring the words to life. This is something I’ve been trying to play with in my writing, rather than the standard left-aligned poem. Thanks for sharing!

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