Manifestopheles: An Investigation into the Faustian Nature of Adaptation

From one of my original notebooks while writing the project

This piece, Manifestopheles:An Investigation into the Faustian Nature of Adaptation, was my final thesis for my BA in Media Studies. Looking back at it there are certainly things I would like to change, pathways I would like to explore further, and once promising lines of inquiry that now seem like dead ends. There are errors, typos, and issues aplenty. Nonetheless, considering this as a creative work (which I very much intended it to be), I’m still proud of what I developed and, as such, wanted to make it available to anyone who would be curious to read it. I’d like to further develop and adjust this work, but, by this project’s very own admission, such changes are best done in relation to what has come before while still looking ahead. As such, it seems appropriate to let this version out into the world.


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