Two Poems, Two Translations: “Jarry Meander”, “Tasty Recollections” , Untitled, “something uneasy (etwas ungutes)”

Jarry Meander

Geometry : this is the science


The spiral is made by the blank space surrounding

So too with any shapely absence

I do not write, only the page surrounds


Linguistics : this is the science


between these lines every other word exists



the thieve’s can’t talk of

what’s under the floorboards


Imagine : this is the science


events are exceptions


I write


that is an exceptional event


I write again


that it is an exceptional event


A ‘proposition : p’aesthetics

The art of exceptions

this is the science


Tasty Recollections

Eadem Mutata Resurgo

Ich stehe aus gleiche obwohl geändert

I arise the same, though changed

Changed and the same,

Sham, shame, schagame, champagne?

Eadem stehe aus arise

to you all are arise

Non Eadem


Nicht stehe aus

No I in the latin, no you

Just same like a tumor is the same

it grows, it makes same upon same

implications are lost by my mouth’s cancer

swallowing your words to digest them

All I know is an aftertaste gone up in smoke

perhaps richer than before, delicious memory

(A translation of an untitled poem by H.C. Artmann)

a louse

in the wristwatch house…


a louse


the teeth

of time…

when the


first feel

the itching –


it is lost…

something uneasy (A translation of H.C. Artmann’s “etwas ungutes”)

have you not marked?

the knife there

on its own

all by itself


from cellar to roof

no man, nor cat

nor mouse is housed

and that confounded knife

has gone and stirred



there is something wrong!

there is something between us!

there is something uneasy

between you and me…

a knife can not be like that

not so alone

stirring completely by itself

i have shivers

in my blood

she asks all the time:


have you not marked…?

have you not seen it…??

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