Poetry Sample #1: “The Night Script,” “Tell Me Love,” “Transition”

As part of the release of All the Mediocre Tidbits of Life, I will be sharing some selections in a short series of posts. For this first selection I am sharing, not one, not two, but three poems from the book! I hope you enjoy them and they whet your appetite for more!

March 3. 2017: The Night Script

What I?
The son flakes in the bedsheets
Skinflint sin and I’ll weep with
Moisture that feeds us
Must cornucopias all grey
Rustling wind and hot air
Inflates a bag of proper
Pop opera popycock
Poor bred in bed now
With evolved thumbs to talk like tongues
“Hear me” that’s gospel
We all here, you?
What I?
All wrapped up in it so soft
But soft, what light through yonder screen breaks?
A whole world in the palm of his hand
While woke
But there’s a dream too

April 28. 2017: Tell Me Love

Tell me love, tell me story
Tell me of all untrue things
Of the happy things that hide away
Of the warmth to be found
In sleeping beside another so similar
With so many smiles shared
Tell me of never endings and life
Tell me where music curls besides the hearth
In the soul and art proves all things worthy
And never ask that I tell in return
All the things I know
Tell me what you love
For that you love is all that I may love
And that I love, may be all that is loved of me

May 24. 2017: Transition

On a seat across the sky
In between
Home and home
Without one family waiting
Full of sad goodness and hopeful
Features he can’t shake that thought
Of how scared they seemed of him
The moment swelling like a tumor in memory
He drinks bitter coffee and reads books
to get by
While the hum and buzz stirs
all things drone on forever
So perhaps old hopes were left behind
And there are new things in between
Getting over land and things gone
Hope to reach there safely

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