New Creations Update for 2017

Before I get back to my usual, disjointed ramblings I wanted to provide I quick update highlighting some changes to the creations page and some new stuff there. First off: a fair amount of stuff has been removed. I did this because it felt cluttered and a little incoherent to have so many things – some of them for sale, some of them just view-able – all in one place. Most of my drawings and photographs have been removed, as have my free essays/stories (they can still be found on the homepage archives where they were originally posted).

My book Fleshpot & Honeysuckle can still be purchased via Lulu books and will continue to be listed on the creations page.

My short text adventure The Magpie – Chapter One will also still be available on the creations page. I hope to have it playable as an independent page on my site in the next few months, rather than have it available only as a download.

Secondly: I’ve taken advantage of my free time over the winter break to create a Zazzle page. Some of the drawings and photographs that were originally on the creations page (and a few from my book) can now be purchased at the Pen & Screen store on prints, posters, and shirts. There are also several new designs available as well.

Here’s a taste of what can be found there:

So, those be the changes. Now, I know that this site’s traffic is limited and it may seem strange to add all these changes to a personal blog, but with the New Year I figured that it might be worth trying to put my work out there commercially. I’m not expecting to become a billionaire of course, maybe just make a bit of extra cash on the side, but I figured that if I enjoy keeping this blog, enjoy writing, enjoy drawing, maybe I should at least try and do something with it.

Happy New Year! If you’re a continuing reader, thanks for sticking with me. If you’re new, thanks for stopping by.



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