The Magpie – Chapter 1

Over my Spring Break I decided to create an interactive fiction. I used Inform 7 to create it, and I wrote it in a period of about one week.

This is the first chapter in a longer story. If you play it and find any bugs, problems,  find that a puzzle is too difficult to solve, or just want to talk about the writing, then comment and let me know. This is, in many ways, a work in progress and I’d like to see what people have to say.

A few hints:

  • The most-used commands are:examine [subject], take [object], give[object], talk to [person], ask [person] about [topic], ask [person] for [object], play [instrument], and the directions north, south, east, and west to move about.
  • Pick up anything you can. Try giving things to people to trade for objects.
  • Read the text to find clues.

The playable files can be found by going into The_Magpie, then The_Magpie -Chapter One.materials, then Release.

You can play it through a webpage using the play.html file, or you can play the .gblorb file using applications like the Zoom IF interpreter or Windows Frotz.

The files can be found here.

It is also available on the Creations page under “games.”



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