A Quick Update

Since the end of the school year was absorbing most of my time – what with finals eating up my life – I haven’t posted much. There isn’t much for me to say at the moment, I’ve returned home (my home that isn’t my dorm) and I’m trying to relax for the Holidays. As I come from a Christmas-celebrating household I am simultaneously excited to have some new media to absorb and to express my love for others (not necessarily in that order).

Star Wars has happened, which, despite the ongoing hype, still seems like a shock – especially given its extremely positive reception. I plan on seeing it tomorrow and I look forward to enjoying it. In other media-related news I’ve started exploring the Universe of Warhammer 40k, a deep, deep pit of dark grimness with more lore than I think I’m comfortable with.

I’ve attempted to start some short stories in my spare time, more out of boredom than anything else, but perhaps something will come of it.

Anyway, I’m still alive, and hopefully I’ll have a few more things to write before the year’s out.

Happy Holidays!


One thought on “A Quick Update

  1. I had pretty low expectations for Star Wars, but came out thinking it was ok. In some ways it takes itself less seriously than any of the first six. Warhammer sounds like . . . a rabbit hole. I can meet up after Christmas if you like (in town until the 10th). Happy holidays to the Higginses!


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