The Cauldron

Last year I wrote an experimental short story that I was considering submitting to a weird fiction collection for relatively unknown writers. But, as things so often do, time passed me by and I never got the story fully finished. I haven’t been able to bring myself to polish it up, but I put enough effort into it that I feel compelled to share it nonetheless. It should be taken more as a rough draft than anything else. The stream-of-consciousnes style is overly dirivitive of Ulysses, which I was reading at the time, and of The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which I love. The attempt at interjecting experimental forms and shifting mediums is often ham-handed. But I feel that there may be the seed of a good idea here, and there are several lines and some wordplay that I am actually proud of.

So here it is: The Cauldron 

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