As this is my first post, and therefore the first (and only chance) I have to introduce myself and this page, I feel compelled to welcome both myself and those of you who take some time to read what I have written here.

Within the last year I have taken it upon myself to slowly and surely destroy what little privacy this 21st century life affords to give me. Our streets are stacked with enough cameras to make any intersection worthy of its own reality TV show, and our computers are so full of cookies that I’m surprised my laptop isn’t swarmed by sugar-craving children looking desperately for a lid to pry off so that they may feast upon chocolate-chip goodies. (I’m sure they’ll be disappointed to discover that my machine is, in fact, nothing more than a nutritious and overpriced Apple).

So why am I giving myself up to the world?

Because none of this surveillance seems to understand me. Despite the cameras, and the cookies, the oddly specific advertisements on the edge of my screens, there isn’t any effort going into communicating my thoughts. Well, correct me if I’m being a little pretentious, but isn’t that all that really matters? What are we if not thought? Where are the assertions and assumptions? The dreams and nightmares? The memories of what was and what I wished to happen? If people are going to see me – and people will see me, I’m sure of that – then I refuse to be nothing more than a collection of images, coordinates, and shopping lists. I want my thoughts to be seen too, whether people like them or not.

My goal – if you could call it that – is to think, and to record what I think here. I fear I may not be a very good thinker, and much of what is transposed here between pen and screen may be nothing new. What I intend to be casual may read as academic, what I intend to be academic may become casual, and in the end it’s just a collective of pseudo-intellectual mush resembling a rejected draft from a madman’s manifesto. Hopefully, there is some credit in trying.

So welcome, me.
And welcome, you.

I hope we may get to know one another well.

Until next time,

Patrick Higgins

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